Life is full of pitfalls. Among the many mistakes made along the way, not a few have the capacity for destruction. Many a wrong step can be fatal.

Instruction from the wise is like a life-giving fountain,
to turn a person from deadly snares.
Proverbs 13.14 NET

Instruction from the wise has a higher source than himself; it comes ultimately from God. (Instruction is literally “law,” torah.) It serves to give life. It is designed to help one avoid the wrong steps that kill.

Wisdom is not an abstract body of thought. It is found in those who live the Lord’s way. The world is divided between the wise and foolish. Part of wisdom is finding who is wise.

Evil is subtle. It hides the danger to the unsuspecting traveler. Temptation conceals the hook. The snares of the devil puts one in his destructive power.

No phrase more stupid has ever been invented than this: “Experience is the best teacher.” Experience can get you killed.

Learn from the wise.

God from whom all wisdom flows, show me the way and keep my feet from falling.

Hold this thought: Get life from what the wise man shares,/ Avoid along the way the deadly snares.


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