Our waterbed 10 years ago. Click to enlarge

After 21 years of sleeping on the same waterbed, we got a new bed and springs today. The waterbed sprang a leak, and rather than try to fix it, we figured it was time to retire it.

If our new bed, which was expensive, to my mind, as things like that tend to be here, lasts half as long as the waterbed, it will have served us well. Continue reading


Jesus warned his followers ahead of time what would happen to him. He would suffering at the hands of the authorities, would be killed, and on the third day would rise from the dead.

I have told you these things to keep you from stumbling.
John 16.1 HCSB

Stumbling in this context means to lose or abandon one’s faith (see NLT). “Forewarned is forearmed,” says the proverb. The disciples would not be caught unawares. They would know that God was still in control and that all would happen according to his plan. Continue reading


Yesterday Internet access was intermittent, mostly down. I blame it for missing my FMag editorial. If you can’t find a person to blame, technology is a wonderful scapegoat.

Finally remembered the password to my Kindle. It had gotten cobwebs. Started reading an Agatha Christie book which I got on Amazon for free. Continue reading