I’ve nothing to say, a denier of good,
My lips are still: no lie, no truth,
But falsehood of silence, this failed tongue;
Confession of Christ is faith alive,
The Word proclaimed, the Way affirmed,
But dare I face the danger of man?
My fear refuses to speak of freedom.

Well, now — the Lord he’s been a long time a comin’, it seems,
I say — I been a seein’ him approachin’ in my dreams,
His glory’s growin’ brighter night by night,
He’s mighty loud, and gives me quite a fright,
All around — are marchin’ beasts and flyin’ cherubim, hmm,
His robes — a flappin’ in the wind, it’s him, oh, him! Continue reading

I say to you — of water and Spirit
You must be born — of yours no merit.
The way is strait, and few there be
That find the gate to the living tree.
I say again — verily, verily —
You must be saved — narrowly, narrowly!


Day 1 of the National Poetry Writing Month

The world unfolds, a leaf writ large,
A birth of space for eyes to behold,
Its tender shoots of infant green,
In timely growth, from room to room,
An opening, spreading splash of tones,
Invitation to touch and feel,
Become and, in becoming, live.