Brazilian Zeal Missions on Baptism, Christian camp, children’s home.

Rafael and Elida married last month. Yesterday morning at the SJC church’s meeting, his mother-in-law, Carmita, told me he had asked Saturday night about a study to prepare for baptism.

Elida’s brother Paulo lives in the same neighborhood, so it appears he will offer to study with Rafael.

Please pray these details will work out so that Rafael may study and become a child of God.

WORTH IT? After going to Cabreuva, a city on the other side of the capital two hours away, for two meetings Saturday, I have seven toll road receipts.

Their total was R$35,30. At around 2.3/1, that works out to US$15.35. (São Paulo is notorious for high toll fees.) Not counting almost a full tank of alcohol fuel, about R$50.

The orphanage provided a delicious lunch, so I wasn’t out any meals, just a drink after I returned to the office to await Vicki and Leila’s arrival from the ladies meeting in Taubate.

I was out an entire day, in terms of time.

First was the fiscal council for the Christian Home. We met on the home’s grounds. It has connections with Southern Christian Home in Morrilton, Ark.

Then, the advisory board meeting for the Mt of Olives Christian Camp. Since several of us are in both councils, both meetings were held at the children’s home.

Is it worth the time, effort and expense to contribute to these efforts?

CHRISTIAN CAMP. Our children have benefited greatly from the camp, which holds sessions in January, July and during Carnaval. We starting sending them to camp the month we arrived in Sao Jose dos Campos, January of 1995.

The National Christian Workers Encounter takes place there every year, also. We have helped to keep false teachers from the camp and its events.

Vicki and I have been involved as members of the board of directors of the children’s home for some time now. Recently, a Fiscal Council was formed, according to Brazilian law, so I moved to that, and Vicki continues as a board member.

The home cares for about 30 children who are sent by local courts after problems such as abuse occur in the home.

There are full-time people working with the home and our efforts are small compared to the good being done there.

We’re glad to have a small part in this good work and consider this ministry a worthy effort fulfilling our Lord’s directive to care for the needy.

While the official website is between webmasters, I put up a small page in English with information about the home HERE.

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