New offerings on Bulletin Digest

On the Bulletin Digest website, new features and offerings.

A new feature allows registered members to share their church bulletin articles with others.

To navigate, go to the website, then to Forum > Resources > Bulletin Articles.

Articles should be signed, that is, with author information intact. Please do not post material of unknown origin. Most “anonymous” article are actually not, but somewhere along the way the author and publishing information has been removed.

We have posted the first bulletin article for general use: “The Truth About Elections,” by Weylan Deaver.

A number of other articles on voting and respect for governmental officials have been linked to in the Online Resources section, mostly from Forthright Magazine.

Also, last week was added yet a second short poem on the American presidential election, “I Know for Whom I’ll Vote,” which makes for excellent filler material.

Several have asked for more detailed information on how to subscribe to the print edition of Bulletin Digest. The information on the front page of the website has been supplemented and gives, we hope, full instructions on how to go about the process of subscribing to

The print edition has loads of material not available on the website.

To access much (though not all) of the forum‘s material, one must be registered and logged on.

May your church bulletin or newsletter be a blessing to many.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

2 thoughts on “New offerings on Bulletin Digest

  1. Randal,

    This digest is a great resource! I appreciate all of the work that went into the publishing of this publication.


  2. One of its advantages is that the editors use only material by faithful brethren.

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