Arrived in USA

I made it yesterday morning to the USA, landing in DFW via Atlanta (Delta). Flights were pretty good, I had a seat empty next to me, so rested more than usual during the night. I apparently miscommunicated about my arrival, and there was no one to meet me. But I had set up to rent a car, so I rode the bus to the rental center and got the car, then made my way to the Lewisville church building. They’ve put me up in a hotel until my meeting Sunday afternoon with the missions committee. I’m using the Internet at the hotel at their pc station.

Last night the church had a meal together before the Bible study, so I got to meet quite a few folk, including Harold Taylor, one of the elders and the first preacher at Lewisville. I’ve seen his name for a number of years, so it was good to meet him and his wife Betty. I learned their son is at Oldham Lane in Abilene, so that was a nice connection to make.

Finally met Pat, my contact at Lewisville, after we’ve communicated by email for so long, so that was fun. He’ll be working Sunday, so he’ll miss the meeting then.

Interesting note: an “angel” came to my rescue at the airport. I had no cell phone to call anyone, so after an hour of going back between the baggage claim inside and the passenger pickup outside, another guy who apparently had been waiting on a person, noted I wasn’t calling, and offered me his cell phone to call a contact. I asked him to call the Lewisville church building for me. He was a huge guy, well dressed, in a big black car, very nice fellow. I should have gotten his name or something, but I think I was so tired, the mind wasn’t functioning properly.

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