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Pedestrian overpass installed, flight routes cancelled, city ponders dump problems.

With the enlargement of the Petrobrás refinery and Embraer growth, SJC is growing a lot. Here are some growing signs, and pains.

  • A new pedestrian overpass was installed Saturday night and early Sunday morning in front of the Petrobrás refinery. The structure is 112 meters by 3 m., and weighs 62 tons. Underneath it runs Brazil’s busiest highway, the Via Dutra, the country’s “main street,” between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. (Pindavale)

    Passarela SJC

  • Both the GOL and OceanAir airlines decided to terminate their air routes out of SJC by the end of this month. Bad news for travelers, but most people have many options at the Guarulhos International Airport, just an hour away. (Brasilturis)
  • The city dump will be full by year’s end, say city chiefs, and are discussing with the public about enlarging it. SJC, as large as it is, has lots of restrictions, as well as ecological areas, so this is a sensitive and difficult subject. (Pindavale)
J. Randal Matheny

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