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BZeal Weekly Report

This past Sunday the SJC church moved from its temporary home in my office to a room rented for Sundays.

But before getting to the main story, please pray for Vicki speaking this weekend in the National Women’s Encounter. She got invited just last week. Read here for more.

When we left the building back in July, I offered my office if it were needed. The church wound up meeting here for three months.

Sunday we moved to a room that holds up to 40 chairs. The room is in a house turned into office space, and owned by a lady and her daughters that we know.

Vicki first approached them about the room, and after some negotiation, they accepted our proposal.

We also have the use of two smaller rooms for children’s classes and the two restrooms.

Here in the office there was always a line for the single bathroom.

The location is better than my office and provides easier access for those who come by bus.

Since the owners knew us, they didn’t require a signed contract, which saved the church the paperwork.

A visiting family who found us through the Internet had stopped attending for several weeks. It may be coincidence, but they came back this Sunday.

Obviously, our work in SJC is not building-centered. We’re thankful for that.

I forgot pictures of the new location. I’ll post some Sunday week, when we’re back from our visit to Vila Maria.

This Sunday our family will be in the capital, where I’ll preach and teach in the morning at the Vila Maria congregation, in the north zone of the city. The congregation is about an hour away from us.

The SJC church set Nov. 22 as the date for the Festival celebration of the 20-year anniversary of the congregation. The church here first met officially on Oct. 2, 1988. We’ve reserved a hotel room for the larger crowd we expect to have.

We’re also talking with potential students and teachers to begin an advanced study for training and discipleship on the second Saturday of each month. Keep this effort in your prayers. Already, three men from three cities in the state have agreed to come teach at least one Saturday during 2009.
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Leila and I won medals for participating in our swimming school’s Olympics (with photo).

The wife of Vicki’s Uncle Brack died Sept. 27.,

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