And we’re set

delta-airplaneNot off yet, but last night I got the plane tickets bought. I will arrive in the U.S. Sept. 16, staying through (argh!) Nov. 12. Can’t be helped, must run after the funds.

Setting up the appointments with churches is going very slow. I know people have to consult and that decisions are thought through carefully in churches, but when you see the end of your support arriving, it’s hard to stay patient. We know the Lord is in control and that he will provide, always has, so we take a deep breath and place the future in his hands.

I’m keeping the itinerary up to date on this spot. You can keep up with my movements there.

Again, here’s an invitation for your congregation to establish a working relationship with us as we transition into a new phase.

Also, talk with elders or missions committees in congregations that you know and recommend us to them.

I said “argh!” above, because I will not be accompanied by wife and daughter. I do not look forward to two months apart from them. Don’t think we’ve ever been apart that long in our 30 years of marriage.

So, pray for these items:

1. That this trip will be successful to replace funds to be lost. Otherwise, we start making tents.

2. That this trip will be safe, and that DW and DD will be safe while I’m gone.

3. That the appointments will shape up soon, to keep me from twiddling my thumbs and nervously twisting my golden locks.

4. That good options for ground transportation will appear.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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