Major media outlets have noted the rise in the number of Americans giving up their citizenship and moving to other countries. When a co-founder of Facebook moved to Singapore last month, the trend got noticed.

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare as a tax in its ruling this morning, the Internet chatter about moving abroad picked up suddenly.

I noted on Twitter earlier that one American, on the wave of this trend, wrote about moving to Brazil for socio-economic reasons. I asked the question there, and I repeat it here: Why don’t you do it for spiritual reasons?

Urban anthropology considered migratory movements according to push and pull factors. Leaving the US because of high taxes and hard times would be a push factor. I suggest that leaving the country in order to fulfill the mission of God is a pull factor of a greater magnitude.

Brazil provides many advantages to those seeking opportunities to serve the Lord. Even if you’re not the pioneer type to start new congregations, plugging into existing congregations will reinforce their work. Manpower is needed across the country in every work and area of ministry imaginable.

There are personal advantages as well. Tired of tornados? Brazil has none. Concerned about earthquakes? Nothing shaking the ground here. Winter temps and storms rough on you? Try a tropical or subtropical climate. Like fresh fruits and vegetables? We’ve got them, cheap.

Family spirituality can be enhanced. Instead of the age ghettos of most churches, where the youth have little to do with adults, for example, Brazilian churches often do things that involve all ages. Families can be more united in the Lord and his work.

People move for many reasons, and hard economic times in the US are spurring a growing exodus of Americans. In the 1970s, saints got excited about an exodus movement to the northeast states, and dozens of New Testament Christians moved to start new churches or bolster existing ones.

Why don’t we let the growing dissatisfaction in the moral and financial status of the States encourage us to consider another country like Brazil in order to contribute to Christ’s cause to which we have been called?


5 thoughts on “Americans leaving the US, why not you?

  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables? I’m convinced. 😉 In seriousness, I’d love to go abroad to serve. Told the family many times. who knows?

  2. Wow, These are some powerful thoughts. It seems many of us have such an allegiance to where we live that we never think about going somewhere else.

    The call to mission work should overwhelm the need for familiar surroundings of home. We certainly can be Christians anywhere. We should be willing to serve the Lord in any place we live.

    My dream is to retire one day in the mission field of Jamaica. I’ve done over 20 mission trips there. I just wonder how I will pay to live there.

    Thanks for the wonderful thoughts today!

  3. It’s 103 degrees here today. What is the hottest temp you experience where you are?
    I do enjoy cool weather! Wherever we would go, we would make sure there was a church there where we could worship and work.

    • Hi, Myrna, our hottest temps will get in the upper 90s around Jan. and Feb. Right now, we’re having some nice weather, in the 60s and 70s.

  4. Well said Randal! And then there is always Scotland, too. ? But seriously, you are correct in that we don’t plan our lives around spiritual values – it seems we let the world dictate how we live.

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