Vicki and I arrived in Paragould Monday night, after a great weekend with the church in Eureka IL. I spoke about the GoSpeak work during the Bible class and preached from Philippians 4 during the assembly.

• Eureka is an interesting town. The church’s building sits next to Eureka College, the alma mater of Ronald Reagan.

• The church is adding to their building and has an active program of work, with a strong eldership. They are key contributors to the state fair exhibition.

• Friends and hosts Richard and Sharon Hill met us in Springfield and took us on a tour of the Abraham Lincoln Museum and Library. Makes one wonder how the state could produce Honest Abe then, but now have three recent governors in prison for corruption.

• Leila’s car did very nicely on the road. Hummed right along at 70 mph on the Interstate. Just needs cruise control for long trips.

• Gas prices vary widely. In Illinois, we saw regular gas for $3.59. Back in Arkansas, $3.12. Today, it down $3.09. I seemed to need gas where prices were highest.

• In their search for a bank robber, Colorado police stopped and handcuffed the occupants of 13 cars. They had no description of the robber, so they cuffed innocents. The robber was in the 14th car. And you thought there was freedom still in America.

• Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee brings back memories of when I was in Britain in 1977 during her Silver Jubilee.

• America today needs more Lincolns and Reagans. Will any appear? Will they be recognized and given space in government? Will they be able to turn the country back to its original principles? What do you think?

What do you think?