Well, part of it anyway. Vicki and Leila leave after lunch for a women’s retreat about 3 hours away, returning Sat. night.

Meanwhile, I’ll work on sermons, bulletin and our new site which you must not miss, and will keep coming back to. Something of a spiritual potluck.

Their trip this weekend means I’ll also be alone on another Very Important Date for our family, on Saturday. You guess what that date is.

My two ladies wound up being the only ones from SJC to go to the retreat. It got postponed because of swine flu and, in the end, the other ladies had commitments this weekend or work. Paula was going, but got sick.

I’m concerned about the ladies getting to the camp OK, prayers are invited. For Paula, also.

The floods are NOT NEAR US, but far south of us, though we have been getting plenty of rain and stormy weather. Here’s the FOXNews report: South America Floods Kill 12, Force Thousands to Evacuate.

Speaking of stormy weather, that keep some folks away from our study last night, among other reasons, but the rain fell across the river from us, we got just a sprinkle.

I don’t mind the rains and storms; they keep the temps down. I think I’m finally beating the heat rash in the crook of my left arm, after a couple of weeks with it.

Vicki and Debora had another study with Ritinha on Tuesday. Keep this in your prayers also.

2 thoughts on “Alone on Thanksgiving

  1. Randal,

    You can come eat with us! We are going to visit some members of the church who will h ave approximately twenty-five or so folks come visit and eat of the bounty the Lord has provided.

    Our God is good!


  2. That would be nice, Mike. Vicki and Leila just left, 3 p.m. here, so they have plenty of time to make it there, even with bad traffic in Sao Paulo.

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