All or nothing

Some Christians are converted out of the world, where they had little or no religious background. They become Christians, but after a time they bump into the Lordship of Jesus Christ, in practical living. So when he orders something they don’t like, they leave the Way and join a denomination that permits them to follow their human desires. And there they stay, talking about Jesus as Lord and Savior, but denying his sovereignty over their lives, thinking that God will approve of their religion.

He “follows my statutes and observes my regulations by carrying them out. That man is righteous; he will certainly live, declares the sovereign LORD.”
Ezekiel 18.9 NET

Jesus Christ is either Lord of our entire life, or he is not Lord of any of it. Over us he must have the dominion, not our permission. His will must be obeyed, not weighed and evaluated.

The righteous person will live when he faithfully obeys the commands. He who uses freedom in Christ as a pretext to satisfy worldly impulses will be condemned.

J. Randal Matheny

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6 thoughts on “All or nothing

  1. Excellent! Amazing how often this principle is stated and re-stated in so many different ways in every single book of the Bible.

      1. Yes! I am amazed more and more at the unity of the Scripture. It has taken me years to see the concept of unity as more than just “one story that flows throughout.” It is even the articulation of certain phrases and concepts that just keep popping up on every page, and in every paragraph in both Hebrew and Greek. The more I study it, the more my faith is confirmed in the Divine Hand on every line.

  2. Is changing denomination a thing you do to avoid Christ’s souvereignity, or is it a thing you do to stay true to Christ? When you find out that the denomination you belong to teaches a different gospel and you find a denomination, that doesn’t, would this be following wordly impulses?

    1. Hi, Benny, thanks for the comment. In the scenario above, it’s leaving the Lord’s church, which is not a denomination, to join one that allows you to do what you want.

      It’s impossible to join a denomination and please the Lord. The church he established is not one, and the Lord Jesus does not allow such divisions in his body. So there is no denomination that teaches the true gospel. All denominations teach their own divisive doctrines. This has been acknowledged by many within them.

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