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In the world, not everyone has an opportunity for success and acceptance. In the kingdom of God, to all are offered the same chance to serve Christ and to be used as an instrument of glory for his eternal project. Even the apostle Judas,

for he was counted as one of us and received a share in this ministry.
Acts 1:17 NET

Judas received equal calling, equal participation, equal opportunity to follow Jesus and to serve his kingdom. Among all the others, to him was entrusted the treasury of the group. For love of money, however, he preferred to count the coins rather than be counted as one of the Twelve.

Judas wasted his opportunity. He “turned aside” from his service and apostleship (verse 25). He did little of what he had received.

Let us not lose sight, however, that he was a part, an apostle equal to the others. What does this fact tell us?

Judas was not predestined to betray Jesus. Because of his decisions, he left off following Jesus in order to go after his ambitions. Today Judas is “counted,” not as an apostle, but as a traitor, because of his own choices.

Father, thank you for calling me to be counted among the faithful. Keep my ambitions from separating me from you. Today I choose to honor the commitment that I assumed at the beginning, of following our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Hold this thought: Jesus allows me full participation in his kingdom, if I so choose.

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