Airport wait

Waiting in the airport for Vicki and Leila to arrive from BH. Their flight is late, which seems be the norm for these days. I talked with Vicki last night by phone and she said her message went well, she seemed pleased with it. Had two definite invitations to repeat it in Itaquera (Sao Paulo), later this month, and at BH’s youth meeting sometime this year. She also had two queries about speaking in Presidente Prudente and Porto Alegre. Said Leila did very well as well, in spite of her nervousness. Leila Zanatta said Vicki had a gift for public speaking and must develop it further.

Joel arrived last night from the Ipiranga camp at AMO. Seemed very glad to have gone. We talked a long while after he got here.

Have worked this weekend on the biblical vocabulary volume, on the repentance entry. Bible class yesterday reminded me to check if “perdition” is on the list of terms.

J. Randal Matheny

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