every meeting needs an agendaThe men and women of the SJCampos church held their monthly meetings this afternoon in adjoining (literally) houses. The women are more spiritual than we are: they sing and have a Bible lesson; the men do business.

We dispensed with seven items in an hour and, oh, 15 minutes. Is that good?

We got stuff done because we had an agenda, a list of things to deal with. Otherwise, whoever pops up with a subject controls and prolongs the meeting. Never go into a meeting without an agenda of subjects, without objectives to be met.

Have you noticed how the word “agenda” has gotten a bad name? Very sad, that. What is usually meant when used in a negative way is that someone has a hidden agenda, translating into manipulation others. It also means that the sons of darkness are often more sagacious than the sons of light (didn’t Jesus say something to that effect?), because they know what they want and go after it. They also know how to get it, and usually do.

We’re not talking printed book-form agendas. I got one for 2011 at the church’s Christmas party. Sometimes I even use it. We’re talking — you know this already — objectives people have for good or evil. They’re good when they reflect the Lord’s desires and don’t try to get people to do what they shouldn’t or force them into acting.

Enough of agendas.

Have you read my little prayer poem over on United Prayer? One of my best, in my opinion, of the popular style.

I first wrote “Saturday night calm” in the subject line, but I got a phone call today from Paulo’s wife. His job railroaded him (he’s a choo-choo machinist) to the capital, where he’ll stay until tomorrow. He’s preaching this quarter, so I’m the short-notice stand-in.

You’ll note that the subject line gained a more interesting title.

The Maiden is off to one of our malls with her neighborhood friend to catch up on the latest. Boy talk will probably take up a major portion of the chat time.

Reading Old Light on New Worship, a Baptist preacher arguing for a cappella music in worship. He makes a good case, so far, in spite of a quirk here and there. More on that later.

Spent portions of yesterday and today working on websites — themes, actually, which are the formats or visual presentations that make it look nice and organized. Can’t say I had much luck. Maybe I needed a more specific agenda?

What do you think?