Advanced study considers demons

BZM report: advanced study, Sunday meetings, links, rented rooms.

Eleven people came from three congregations Saturday to attend our advanced training Bible study for Christians. This program meets every second Saturday of the month.

The teacher scheduled for this month cancelled out a week before the class, so I picked up the slack.

demonspigs1.jpgI started a series on demons. Of five lessons, I covered only the first, on the prince of demons. We discussed names or terms used to describe him, his character and his origin and nature.

We began at 3:30 p.m. and ran 30 minutes past the stopping time of 6 p.m. Everyone seemed to stay with me into the overtime.

Since our number is not overly large, we’re able to meet in my office. The heat does pommel us at times, however.

The three congregations represented were SJCampos, Taubate and Sao Sebastiao. Four came from the latter, one from Taubate and the rest from here.

Yesterday, we had a good meeting here in SJCampos, with over 30 present, several of those visitors. The crowded room because of the slightly larger number reminded me that we do need to find another place to meet. The room in a commercial house serves us well, but we have no space for much growth.

You can see a shot of the front of the house here, with Jorge Santana and Mike Hughes, elder at Somers Avenue church, N. Little Rock, Ark.

Even though Jorge, Paula and Daniel missed the Taubate meeting because of Jorge’s mother’s surgery, we still had 12 in attendance there.

Please pray for his mother, as well as Paula, who continues to have serious spinal pain. It affects what they are doing on weekends and Sundays, in working with the three congregations in our area.

On the Forthright Magazine site is an article of mine posted today, “The Visit and the Speech,” about a visit three of us attempted to make yesterday.

J. Randal Matheny

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