READ: “But practicing the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Christ, who is the head” Eph 4.15.

THINK: The neologism above expresses the Greek verb alētheuō, for which English has no corresponding term. It means speaking the truth, Gal 4.16, and “remaining attached to the truth (of the gospel), holding fast to it, … being of the truth, loving it, professing it, carrying it out; in other words, conforming one’s conduct to it” (Spicq).

ACT: Apply the truth in everything, speak it always, act accordingly.

PRAY: Owner of Truth, thank you for revealing to us the True One.

ASK: Where does the truth still need to penetrate in my life, in order to take control?

Subscribe! This devotional was translated from the Brazilian website, which created a word for truth as a verb.

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