Action: Suffer

READ: “For it has been granted to you not only to believe in Christ but also to suffer for him” Phil 1.29.

THINK: Suffering for Christ is an experience as basic to the disciple as believing in him. Granted translates the verb to give grace, a positive act on God’s part. (“God has given you a special gift” WE.) He who flees to avoid suffering for the kingdom flees from discipleship, 1 Pet 2.21ff. Suffering as a Christian is our glory, 1 Pet 4.12-19. He who fails to confess/preach Christ for fear of persecution will not be confessed/claimed by him in the judgment, Mt 10.21-39.

ACT: Proclaim Jesus to all and expect reactions.

PRAY: I suffer joyfully, Father, for the kingdom and for the truth of the gospel.

ASK: What is my reaction in the time of suffering for Christ?

J. Randal Matheny

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