Action: Pray

READ: “constantly pray” 1Th 5.17.

THINK: Constancy is a main feature of prayer, in the name of Christ, Jn 15.16, in the Holy Spirit, Jd 20, for the saints, Eph 6.18, with faith, Jas 1.5-8, for the work of Christ, Lk 10.2. It includes praise, gratitude, supplications, intercessions, confession, Mt 6.5-15. Prayer is for every moment. In prayer we talk to God, half of our conversation with him. (In the Bible, he speaks to us.)

ACT: Separate special time to pray, and pray at every occasion.

PRAY: Father who is in heaven, hear us!

ASK: What do I need to give to God in prayer just now?



J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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