Action: Give thanks

READ: “Be devoted to prayer, keeping alert in it with thanksgiving” Col 4.2.

THINK: Gratitude is the antidote for dissatisfaction, murmuring, and complaint. Who asks much has much for which to thank. God’s goodness is constant, and we acknowledge it by thanksgiving. One motive for gratitude are the brothers and sisters, Phil 1.3; Col 1.3. But there is a gratitude that is anything but, Lk 18.11ff. Gratitude must always be communicated.

ACT: Make a list of answers to prayer and of other blessings.

PRAY: Father, I deserve nothing, but have received much. Thank you!

ASK: How many times, and in how many ways, can I say thank you today?


J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

1 thought on “Action: Give thanks

  1. It seems to me that “thanks” is in short supply when we choose to be too busy to meditate on our blessings. At least, that’s one of my struggles. Thanks for the nudge

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