MissionsInterstate traffic on the way back from Taubaté wasn’t as bad as expected, even though 150,000 pilgrims went to see the Aparecida idol down the highway from us. Traffic was worse than normal, but not by much. Maybe the cold front discouraged people from getting out this holiday weekend.

• At Taubaté, I’m teaching Bible school using J.S. Williams’ book, What Is Christianity? as a base. Just finished up the section on the church. Next week: “Service and Evangelism.” I’ve been at this for a while.

• Speaking of service (including edification), the Vale churches are good at this, attentive and helpful. A brother in Christ from another city had two auto accidents near Taubaté. The first one, several years ago, killed his wife. The second, just a few months ago, put him in the hospital for surgery. Brethren from here visited and helped him both times. Humberto visited with him in his hometown and he testified how much he appreciated help from the good saints here.

• In SJC, I started teaching Bible school last week, on the church. So I’m just getting started on that. It has almost been a bad start, since last Sunday was election day, and today was part of a holiday weekend. Our attendance was way down this morning.

• I’ve fallen down on getting sermons and singing audio files edited and up on the church website. People have enjoyed them. I need to get with that again. A backlog of them awaits.

• A sister in Christ in the SJC church is in Kenya this week for her new job with a Swiss multinational which works with public health solutions. We pray she has a good experience there. In case she had time to be with the church today, I fed her a few connections I could find, but they weren’t the best ones.

• What do you think: Was the title on the news report published today in BNc misleading or inappropriate? (Tomorrow, BNc talks Texas and tomatoes.)

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