This website exposes people to the simple and original project called Christianity. It promotes growth for Christians, effective service in Christ, and relationship with God. Become all that God wants you to be. Learn the process of imitating Jesus Christ and expressing the character of a child of God. Discover true worship of the Lord, selfless edification of brothers and sisters, and participation in the divine mission. Walk in Christ with joy, confidence, and faith.

This site has one concern, to move us in God’s direction so that everyone may focus on him.

I’ve got some college degrees, have traveled a bit, have lived in different places, come from a rural background, reside in a big city, but am driven by a single thought: how to discover God and grow closer to him, and how to share this knowledge in a simple, effective message, so that you can do the same. I discovered that this work has already been done. I’m just sharing the information in my own words, hoping not to mess things up as I process it.

Below are some of my writings elsewhere on the Internet. For a list of writings on this website, see the Archive page. For a list of Portuguese posts, see here.

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