A life worth something

docastreet.jpgAssassino de Ângela Diniz pede desculpas em livro

“Quero fazer alguma coisa para que minha vida tenha valido a pena”.

Which being translated is,

“I want to do something so that my life will have been worth it.”

This from a man, 72, who murdered his famous girlfriend in 1976, and now pledges to donate the proceeds from book, based on his prison diary from 1977-87 and tell-all details, to a charity.

He apparently had some time to think.

It makes a difference if your life has been “worth it” or not.

But how does one know what gives life worth? What can one do to make life worth it?

You know my answer to that.

Life is worth it when lived with God and for God.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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