friendshipCareful with he who calls himself a friend. And be careful with the good advice of friends. He may not be a friend and his advice may not be good.

Reconcile yourself with God,
and be at peace with him;
in this way your prosperity will be good.
Job 22:21 NET

Eliphaz of Teman, a great friend of Job’s, accused this righteous man of hiding sin in his life. That must be why Job suffered. Therefore, he ought to repent and everything would return to normal.

His good advice, above, only increased Job’s suffering.

When a friend gives you advice that everybody knows is good, it winds up being the “old path” of evil, which is what Eliphaz accused Job of (verse 15).

  • The church needs to be more fervent? Maybe the person speaks of his own cold heart;
  • The church is just one among many denominations? Maybe the friend is searching for friends of the same stripe;
  • What matters is sincerity? Maybe he’s being disobedient to God’s commands;
  • God wants us to be happy? God wants us to be submissive to his will.

When we’re in need, not all who call themselves friends are friends indeed. And not all advice is good. Just ask Job. Better, to find a good Friend with good advice, read the Bible.


3 thoughts on “A friend indeed

  1. Wasn’t Eliphaz supposed to be the oldest of Job’s three friends? If we was, then his word would probably be respected more than a younger man. But it is possible even for an older man to be wrong, isn’t it?

    • Sorry I’ve not done a better job of responding to comments. I think you’re right, John, as I recall. Age doesn’t have the market on wisdom all the time.

      Rick, I’ve never heard that statement, but it works for me.

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