Picking up an old Bible of mine, I noticed these marginal notes.

Matthew 8:10, “such great faith.” Connection between faith and authority. Contrast vv. 23-27.

Luke 3:22, 23, “my Son … the son.” Jesus’ divinity and humanity in view.

Luke 6:46, “not do.” Why an unwise choice? (1) To avoid toil (Barclay); (2) short-sightedness.

Luke 7:20, “Are you the one?” The report of Jesus’ actions do not fit John’s expectations of the Messiah. Hence arise his doubts.

Luke 7:22, “blind receive sight,” etc. Jesus’ reply not the expected answer of military preparations. See here the love and mercy of God and the true nature of His kingdom. Many fell away because of false expectations.

Acts 1:2, “through the Holy Spirit.” The Spirit is a theological keynote in Acts.

Acts 1:8. The “acts” after which the book is named are acts of witnessing and preaching, in Jerusalem (chapters 1-7), Judea and Samaria (chapters 8-11:18), and to the ends of the earth (11:19-28:31).

Philippians 2:4, “to the interests of others.” Look out for their good, and for their good points. Cf. Martin, Commentary.

James 1:5, “ask God.” With our own effort involved, also. 2 Tim 2:7.

What do you think?