A family finds the truth

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I was traveling, but took a moment on July 31 to check my email at a lan house for R$3.00 (about US$2). Among the long list of messages was an email from a new name.

Francisco wrote this,

“Reading your articles on the Internet, I really like how you practice the word of God, according to Acts 2:42-47. This is what God wants, that we follow his Word.

“My family and I have not been meeting with a church for several years, for lack of finding brethren who really want to do the will of God and fulfill his purpose.

“Please, I’d like to know where you meet.”

Francisco and his wife Cristina and daughter Lidia had belonged to a denominational church, but were alarmed at the gradual departure of that group from what they had learned.

He found the very first site we had done for the SJCampos church, still available for surfers. Though it had not been updated recently, he found our contact information.

So he made wrote and, after I provided him information in my reply, the three of them visited us — in our cramped, temporary quarters in my office — Aug. 3.

Then they discovered they lived in the same neighborhood as our sister Eliana and her son Vagner and daughter Emily. This neighborhood is in the city of Jacareí, not far from the SJCampos city limits.

Yesterday, they returned again and gave a ride to Eliana and Emily, since this family has no car.

Francisco participated freely in the Bible school class.

Pray with us that this family will learn the fuller truth of obedience to the Lord and join us, as Francisco wrote, in following God’s word and serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

J. Randal Matheny

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2 thoughts on “A family finds the truth

  1. This proves then that God provides the way to the truth for those seeking it. I am constantly amazed at the variety of ways God uses to reach the lost. My family continues to pray for your continued success in preaching the good news!

  2. Steve, thanks for your prayers. They make the difference. The Lord is no respecter of means through which he can reach the lost, is he?

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