To go an entire day without mouthing or writing the words: I, me, my, mine. Is that even possible?

Egotism and selfishness do not always lie behind these four short words, else Jesus would never have used them. (Unless only he could say them and remain pure.)

But must the admission not soon follow that they are major players on the self-centered tongue?

Let, therefore, today be proclaimed officially as the “I-Extinction Day,” when during the waking hours of 11 April, no lips may form, nor tongue compose, nor throat sound the four words listed above that refer to the self.

A fast of the language of self. A hunt for the slippery fox of vanity. A vaccine against the fever of presumption. A campaign to purge these pollutants of language from the atmosphere of happy relations.

Can it be done?

So far, so good. This post has avoided using the personal noun and pronouns to refer to the author.

Perhaps returning to bed and staying there for the day might be the guarantor of success.

Any other takers?

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