I have no polls or surveys to indicate how much or little people dislike the following, so I’m going on hearsay and anecdotal evidence. But I know what I like.

1. Mondays

The start of a new week excites me. Maybe if I had a job I hated, a life I despised, a schedule determined by someone else, but I don’t. Monday means a new slate, almost like a new year, but Mondays come more often. Monday means putting into practice what we heard and said on Sunday. What’s not to like?

2. Mornings

I love mornings, love greeting the sun, the light of early day, the quiet, the peace. I don’t get those people who grumble about getting up, who don’t know which way is up until their third cup of coffee. Mornings energize me. And if Mondays are a new start, mornings even more so! If the morning is good, the whole day is good.

3. Solitude

I dislike crowds, am not fond of parties, since I can’t hear anybody when there’s lots of background noise. My internal system is wired so that I overload with lots of lights and movement. I reach the threshold of too much stimulus quickly.

Brazilians think you’re sick if you want to be alone. For them, solidão means both aloneness, solitude, and loneliness all wrapped into one. Not for me!

4. Books

Few people read today, and Brazilians are among the world’s worst. In a book the world is lost to me and I to it. I like reading books, and owning books. People look at my little collection of a few thousand and think I landed from some other planet.

In recent years, I’ve quit the book-buying, with the loss of the dollar worth. I’m down from compulsive to merely obsessed. I like the physical touch of the dead-tree variety. Pages win over pixels.

5. Words

Synonyms, antonyms, etimology, puns, spelling, writing is my bailiwick. I love dictionaries, have a bunch of them. Semantic fields, anyone? Oh, the latest word: greenhew.

6. Cloudy, rainy days

“Rainy days and Mondays always get me down,” sang Karen Carpenter in her melancholic voice. Well, that’s one song I never sang along with. I love overcast skies (especially in a hot, tropical country) and rain, as long as it doesn’t flood.

7. Poetry

On this one I know I’m on safe ground, for few people read or like poetry. Their eyes glaze over when they hear the word. I must admit, that the state of poetry today even makes my eyes glaze over a lot. Most stuff today looks like something a monkey might throw together. But it’s worth the effort to find the good stuff. Or write and write and write it.

Enough, already

We could say more about punctuation (especially commas), vegetarianism (at least, in theory, if not daily practice), footnotes, brevity, and a myriad of other popular dislikes that yours truly has a hankerin’ for, but time and your patience forbid.

Let’s do a biblical seven-yea-eight: I like (a tame word for it, but we’ll leave it for now) the Word of God as transformer, power, and guide. People buy Bibles, but don’t read them, fewer obey its content.

Next up, someday: Things I dislike that most people enjoy.

What would your seven-fold list of likes look like?

8 thoughts on “7 Things I Like That Most Other People Don’t

  1. Enjoyed reading your insights about you. I recall the admonition (not sure who said it): “Know thyself” I think that perhaps you do. That is good.

  2. Thats true you have mentioned so many such thign which are not liked by many folks like – Monday, Solitude, words etc..

    But I am from your category…lol…and due to such reason I emerge as different from in crowds lol…

    Anyway thanks a lot for sharing your personal views with us.

  3. My likes are:
    1. Loud laughing children- at least I know they are not into trouble. 2. I love surprising people with gifts- but don’t like surprises myself. 3. I prefer a creek to the beach 4. I prefer winter to summer 5. I love to study and I also write (Poetry also and I hear what you are saying!) 6. I love making cards and sending them through the post! 7. I love being useful and serving others

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