5 reasons not to blog

You should not start a weblog, especially with your own domain, if you do it for these reasons.

  1. Because everybody else is doing it. The blog is one of the hot ticket items on the Internet. It is not a panacea. Blogs do not write themselves. In this stratosphere, they say, “content is king,” and unless you blog yourself silly, you won’t make much of a dent in virtual-land.
  2. To make money. Whoever told you you could, is trying to make money from telling people they can. Ask to see their IRS returns. To make money at it, you have to be obsessed. Or possessed. Or the son of Ronald Reagan.
  3. To express your narcissistic tendencies. But if you do, you’re probably not sufficiently self-aware to heed this point, so go ahead anyway. Your mother will love your blog.
  4. Because it’s a good thing to do. Sure, it may be good. That’s not reason enough, however, because it won’t sustain you when push comes to shove. Unless you have a passion, yea, an obsession, for your subject, you won’t hang in there. To borrow what the professor said to preaching students, don’t blog if you can do anything else.
  5. Because you can. Micah 2:1 mentions those who plan evil because it’s in their power to do it. Because you can doesn’t mean you should. At best, blogging might be a waste of time. At worst, a waste of other people’s time.

What arid, barren fields are fallow blogs!
And driveling posts are puddles of croaking frogs. –JRM

Blogging is like religion. If you don’t have the right reason(s), the proper motivations, the correct approach, it’s all in vain (cf. Matt. 15).

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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