4 thoughts while among brethren

God defines what good works are, for which we were created (Eph 2:10), just as he, by his own nature, defines the very meaning of “good.” I have no idea if a work is good or not. This is why Jesus challenges the rich ruler as to what is good (Luke 18:18-19), because man has one idea — the wrong one — about goodness, while God’s idea is quite different.

• The first and, in one very real sense, only consideration is when, where and how we may please God by our service and devotion, in the midst of, and participating with, his spiritual family. All other considerations, of work, relationships, and even leisure and recreation, fall far below the first. A great white space opens a gulf of separation between the first consideration and the others. Indeed, there is but one, then there is the rest.

• When you miss a meeting of the saints without being physically unable to be present, but miss by your choice, you become, in that moment, spiritually vulnerable and open to the devil’s influence. Because once you have failed to heed God’s command to meet together, you will be more apt, in that disobedience, to transgress other commands of the Lord.

• There is really only one decision to make: Will I do the whole will of God, or will I do my will, allowing God some room when I deem it proper? If the former, then there is never a question of where I will be when the saints meet together. When I put my life under the Lordship of Christ, that and a host of other decisions have already been made, for when he says do, there is no hesitation nor justification, only obedience.

J. Randal Matheny

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