Three reading recommendations, plus one

We’ll do a biblical three, yea, four sequence.

Ed Mathews has a year-long daily devotional in PDF format, highly recommended, plus other study materials you should check out. It’s what I read. Biblically based, meaty without being dense, practical.

WAVE is “self-help for coping with overwhelming cravings and compulsions,” not spiritually based, but you might find some practical ideas.

Probably the best-kept secret of our own writings, from the low traffic it gets, is Quick Bible Truths. Sign up!

Three, yea, four: I’ve been posting a verse of the day over on The Fellowship Room, and it’s being well received. It contains also a one-line summary and a question for thought. Can get just it by RSS feed, or sign up to the site for full content.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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