3 M’s plus C

The news site is taking off. Joe is popping out the stories, Gwen is a literal pro for editing, Matt is now coming aboard, and I haven’t lost Ken to school work and life in general.

I’m amazed and gratified at the quality people the Lord has provided. I asked him to either get us going or shut us down. I think I have my answer.

Of course, much remains to do. We must very soon settle on a name and URL, build the Advisory Board, find correspondents, open the news with more international stories, but all of this in time.

I’m excited at the progress so far, and pray it will be a positive tool for the brotherhood. Others have been very encouraging.

Oh, the 3 M’s plus C. May, Moritz, Matheny. Then comes Matt Clifton to spoil it. 🙂

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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