There is true grace and false grace. We can identify them both. True grace includes the suffering for the gospel. We must not avoid suffering as Christians. We must continue firmly in this grace. Give glory to God for grace and truth!

Read 1 Peter 5.12.

God gives clarity to the mind that seeks him. Confusion reigns in the world. Fools spout nonsense. The lazy rise up only to criticize the worker. The crazy person throws gasoline on fire and eggs on conflict. God shows us the end of all this. Glory to the Lord for the lucidity of truth!

Read Proverbs 26.

Live well this shortened life; there’ll be no other!
Discover whence comes love’s deep wellspring;
Take stock of all you say and do — be sure
You focus on the most important thing:
What lies above, the good that will endure
Beyond this earth, eternal blessings that bring
A person into the presence of God the Father.