Four times in the NET Bible the phrase “God of gods” is used, all of them in the Old Testament. One time it is used by a pagan king, but the other three are used by Moses, one of the psalmists, and an angel. The four passages are in Deuteronomy 10.17; Psalm 136.2; Daniel 2.47; and Daniel 11.36. (The NASB, ESV, and NIV also record the phrase in these four passages.) Continue reading

God’s promises are solemn. He is serious about fulfilling them. He seals them with an oath. He pledges by his own self to bring everything to pass that he has said he will do. God will not change his plan nor alter his rules. Glory to God for his oath!

Galatians 5.14-26

A single command sums up the entire law:
Love neighbor with love for self, his burdens bear;
But if among yourselves you bite and claw,
By one another you’ll be consumed — beware!

Live by the Spirit, not the flesh’s desire,
For these to the holy God are ever opposed;
Be led by him, and live both better and higher,
Open to good, to carnal practices closed.