Everything begins and ends with God. He knows all, but he can change the course of events through prayer. He is immutable, but willing to answer our supplications. He does things he would not do otherwise if we did not ask. He will do his will, but desires we cooperate in it. Glory to God for listening!

Recently, I asked our Bible reading group what was the worst thing that had ever happened to them. Some of them mentioned the death of loved ones. According to a stress chart, death of a spouse and divorce are at the top of the list.

One devotional writer noted, “On 10th September 1819, Canadian hymnwriter Joseph Scriven was born. The accidental drowning of his bride-to-be the night before their wedding led to a life of depression; yet he also authored the hymn of comfort, ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus.'” Continue reading

The ways of God are not mysterious. He has revealed them to us. Many things he does are above us, beyond our comprehension, but it is not because he wants to hide something from us. God’s intentions are always good and honorable. We can know about God and know him personally in the Bible, where he reveals himself. Glory to God for good intentions!

God not only inserts people into our lives in order to bless us, but he also causes them to remain with us, for our joy. Paul thought about Epaphroditus in such terms.

In fact he became so ill that he nearly died. But God showed mercy to him—and not to him only, but also to me—so that I would not have grief on top of grief.
Php 2.27

Instead of questioning why God takes people from us — a question that we have no way of finding an answer to — let us give thanks to God for his mercy which keeps beloved people in our lives who help us and cooperate with us in the gospel.