I have confessed before that I sometimes use a random Bible verse generator to be sure that I work with verses from all over Scripture. Today, by what might be regarded as a providential controlling of the software, a la Pro 16.33, considering the SCOTUS ruling last Friday, the first verse to appear from the click was 1 Cor 6.9. So let’s get the whole thought by adding verses 10 and 11 as well. Continue reading

I’m grateful that my dad pointed me toward ministry, that he encouraged me to study, and that he gave me an example of dedication in the church. He willingly did what he could, and I am glad to imitate his faith.

Many recognize that the commercial media is a means of manipulation and base appeal, in order to persuade the consumer to think, act, and buy according to the subtlety (or not) of suggestion. (It’s ironic to see people talk so much about being independent using brand-name clothing, mass technology, and popular products.) Friends are another strong influence of opinion and conduct. In one way or another, something or someone will direct and control our thoughts. Continue reading