by J. Randal Matheny © 2014

For food and drink, for friends and warmth of home,
For these and more we sing our grateful hymn,
For work and rest, for heart and powerful mind,
For forgetfulness to leave the past behind,
For hope to see a brighter life ahead,
And present joy to know where our path has led,
To see by faith the God whose hand is near,
Whom we can thank for all our season’s cheer.

If you were cheered by this poem, please share it with others.

  • Good time with friends and family. (Parties, kid at home.)
  • Good food. (Mexican chicken and broccoli and cauliflower salad today.)
  • Good rest. (I slept until 7.40 am!)
  • Good moment to count blessings.
  • Good music. (Classical Christmas music, ELO, CCR, classical.)
  • Good memories. (Last time we were all together for Christmas.)
  • Good opportunity to talk about the gospel.

What else might you add? Or feel free to elaborate on any of the above.


The short of it: The church of the Lord Jesus Christ does not celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday. The New Testament knows nothing of Christmas. First-century Christians had no yearly Yule. Our faith is based upon Scripture. The celebration of Christmas is a later addition. The only special day celebrated in the Bible is every first day of the week, when Christians meet and break bread around the Lord’s table. Continue reading