The shortcut you think may save you time and grief may never get you to your destination. It may seem the quickest way. It promises to reroute you, past the hard incline, around the boulders, and over bogs. But it may well end in the thick of the forest, where it throws you into a tangle of briars and limbs and crevices from which you cannot extricate yourself. Continue reading

open-source-social-media[See my present connections here.] Federation. Decentralization. Privacy. Ownership. Open-source social media has sought its niche in one or more of these concepts. I’ve dabbled, followed, had a small impact in some of these projects, but I’ve never installed any of them. (Not counting WordPress, BoltWire, and various wikis.)

My perspective is that of user experience. A developer would take quite a different tack to discuss technical issues. I’m sure I use only a bit of the potential in these projects. I mention them below in the order that I remember joining. Continue reading

Now seeing if this post from RedMatrix will make it to my theme-updated blog and what it will look like.

Going to send it without a title for that little experiment.

Lessee, let’s include a pic for good measure, one from the Philippines.


#test #RedMatrix

Patience, friends, we’re trying some themes for ye olde personal blog. Please don’t mind the mess. I’m tempted to go with the Mercury theme, which I’ve placed on two of our Brazilian sites.

If I install a theme like Mercury which allows status posts, I may post more than usual, so you might revise your email subscriptions to the site. I believe there’s an option to get a daily site update, rather than an immediate email for each individual post.