bible-distribution-evangelismA new poll is out about the Bible in the US. These stats are disturbing, if not surprising. Only half of Americans read, at least once a year, some religious text at all, 95% of those reading the Bible. So the majority of the American population is totally and completely ignorant of Scripture.

Then here’s the kicker: Only 9% claim to read the Bible daily. Fewer than one in 10 Americans are daily Bible readers. Since most people tend to overstate their positive religious practice in such polls, it’s probably closer to one in 15 or 20. So much for the claim that the denominations make about following the Bible.

If the numbers were broken down, they might vary some by region and denomination, but probably not by much. Are the Baptists better Bible readers than Episcopalians? One would think so, to some degree.

Then there is information from the poll about Bible versions.

Fifty-five percent of Bible readers cite the KJV as their preferred translation, with the New International Version second at 19 percent, and “other translations” at 8 percent. … Non-KJV readers are more likely to read the Bible at least weekly.

The first part is surprising. The second not at all. My conclusion: If you want people reading the Bible regularly, put a version in their hands they can actually understand.

One hopes and prays that the church of God fares far better in its daily Bible reading than Americans in general. For how can a saint or a congregation hope for heaven that refuses to hear and obey the word of God?