Let’s title this set of lyrics, “Would You Speak of Him?” Background on these lyrics is here. The original tune and lyrics from 1898 can be found here. An a cappella choral arrangement is here (all I could find).

Consider these lyrics under copyright © 2014 James Randal Matheny, all rights reserved. Now, having said that, you’re welcome to use them in congregation singing, but they may not be reproduced in print or online. For the latter, just link back to this post.


Would you put in Jesus’ hand your life and all you own?
Would you speak of Him, who sits upon the Throne?
Would you throw your net upon the earth to make Him known?
Let Him have His way with thee. Continue reading

Just now, a good friend posted an image on, where else?, Facebook with an elderly couple kissing over the text of Pro 24.26: “He who gives an honest answer gives a kiss on the lips.” (Not sure which version was used, but was close to this one, HCSB.)

The practice of that time, apparently, was for men to kiss men on the lips in greetings (as is practiced still in some cultures today), so that the kiss on the lips was a sign of true friendship. Continue reading

UPLift logo
UPLift logo

The authors group on FB has been growing slowly but surely, seems to be taking off now. It’s a place to find out what’s being published in the brotherhood. Worth your while if you’re on FB. The UPLift group is another growing one—why can’t people just sign up to my site or list? (I created the UPLift logo all by my lonesome, one of the coolest visuals I’ve ever done. Whatcha think of it?) Continue reading

“It was answered, that all great and honourable actions are accompanied with great difficulties and must be both enterprised and overcome with answerable courages.”

—Wm. Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation

Context is everything. To me, AL doesn’t mean Alabama, but the state of Alagoas, where we were this past weekend. And when I see UK, I don’t think University of Kentucky, but United Kingdom. Depends on where you are.

Back home safely. And a tad tired. Out of 10 total speaking slots at event, I had three. Was a bit hot, but we managed. Thanks to bro. Wagner from Guarulhos for picking us up at airport and bringing us home this late hour.