The Itaquera congregation in the state capital holds a yearly women’s day. Vicki was one of two featured speakers for the day. Her assigned topic was, “Do you still have hope in your hope?”

Three other women from SJC/Taubaté participated and rode with Vicki there and back. Over a hundred women were present for the event. Thanks to Aline who shot the photos. Continue reading

People worry about the world being destroyed by a meteor or by human interference. They shouldn’t.

The LORD reigns!
He is robed in majesty,
the LORD is robed,
he wears strength around his waist.
Indeed, the world is established, it cannot be moved.
Psa 93.1 NET

Psalm 93, in Book 4 of Psalms, was apparently written to help the people understand that even in the midst of exile and anarchy, God still reigns. It brings solid truth to a shaken humanity, even today. Continue reading

Thanks to the Baker Heights congregation, which provided us some funds last year, we were able to redo part of the outside of the house to solve a serious drainage problem that caused leakage inside the house.

Next step: to put down a sealant in the carport. Then to fix the walls inside the house where the leakage caused damage.