Major media outlets have noted the rise in the number of Americans giving up their citizenship and moving to other countries. When a co-founder of Facebook moved to Singapore last month, the trend got noticed.

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare as a tax in its ruling this morning, the Internet chatter about moving abroad picked up suddenly.

I noted on Twitter earlier that one American, on the wave of this trend, wrote about moving to Brazil for socio-economic reasons. I asked the question there, and I repeat it here: Why don’t you do it for spiritual reasons? Continue reading

Today I got two pieces of news about my poem “From Craters on the Moon,” which was sent back in February to the Cloudburst Poetry list.

First, Jonathan Hinckley, who has already scored one of my works, wrote an email today saying he was, with my permission, setting the poem to music. He has the melody on audio, has written the harmony, now working on complete audio. Continue reading

Henry Ford said, “If money is your hope for independence you will never have it.” Money brings temporary physical comfort, little else. It’s a mirage.

The mirage keeps moving ahead of us. So we keep saying, “When I get X amount of money, I will do this or that, be able to pay off debts, be free to serve, to take more time, to have more means to help.” Continue reading

Just think how much more individuals and some congregations could do if they would just spend as much time thinking about the growth of the kingdom as they do planning their vacation or where to set the thermostat during worship. via MercEmail (06-20-12)

Great thought by Steve Higginbotham on the parable of the shrewd steward (though he forgot to change the title). Jesus seems wistful when he says, “For the people of this world are more shrewd in dealing with their contemporaries than the people of light” (Luke 16.8 NET). Continue reading

We’ve had a fast and wild ride over the past couple of months, while traveling in the U.S., enjoyable every step of the way. We’ve seen old and new friends, enjoyed the most blessed hospitality, shared special moments with family.

I’m tempted to start a list to share with you, but a third would have to be left out, and I’d forget another third worthy of mention. Continue reading

Vicki and I arrived in Paragould Monday night, after a great weekend with the church in Eureka IL. I spoke about the GoSpeak work during the Bible class and preached from Philippians 4 during the assembly.

• Eureka is an interesting town. The church’s building sits next to Eureka College, the alma mater of Ronald Reagan. Continue reading