In The Pickwick Papers, Dickens has a character say of another that he was teaching little lessons to little boys. The phrase sounds sad to my ears. I want to teach great lessons to great servants of God. I want to pass on grand truths about God and eternity. While keeping our feet on the ground, I want to explore the wonderful themes of God coming to be among us and redeem us. Continue reading

None of us has ever seen an angel. The stories about angels today are nothing like those of the Bible. Nor do the supposed angels have anything to do with the true ones. Scripture contains no sweet, little angels.

All who were sitting in the council looked intently at Stephen and saw his face was like the face of an angel.
Acts 6.15 NET

We immediately think that Steven must have shown a sweet, meek, beautiful, illuminated face. How wrong that thought would be! Continue reading

In today’s reading, Acts 5, there could be no greater contrast than that between the couple Ananias and Sapphira and the apostles. The couple, pretending to follow Barnabas’ example, lie and keep a part of the price of their land, evidently, to impress others and win a good reputation among the disciples. Continue reading

Vicki saw the doctor today, after a full battery of tests. This was her third trip to the São Paulo hospital this month.

The doc agreed to let her control the extra “wiring” in her heart (tachycardia) with medication, which she is already taking, but said if she later decided on an ablation, she could do that. And down the road it might become a necessity. Continue reading

Note: “Church work” is my translation of the Portuguese phrase, trabalhos da igreja, literally, “works of the church.” The devotional addresses a potential problem in what Brazilians see as church work.

“Church work” sounds like a good phrase, but too many people use it — men, almost always — for what happens on the podium or at the front of the assembled saints on Sundays.

Men (and, I suppose, women, now that progressive doctrine has invaded many congregations) complain that they aren’t being included in the works of the church. Continue reading

imitation of ChristOn a table in my living room sits a picture of my face (see image, right) sketched by a student, done—as it had to be, right?—in the classroom. I liked it so much that the class put it in a frame and gave it to me as a present.

The picture is a caricature.

A caricature is the representation of a person whose features are exaggerated or distorted in order to produce a comic or grotesque effect. Continue reading

Time organizer

Just recently I noticed several time-saving patterns I follow, some almost intuitively, to get more out of my time and efforts. Here are the ones I noted. Maybe they’ll help you in a small way.

  1. Maximize use of the keyboard. Jumping back and forth to the mouse or touchpad takes more time. Most programs have keyboard shortcuts. These will save you scads of time and make your computer work more efficient. Continue reading