2012 Daily Bible reading plan for slow readers


You can start today or any day on your Bible reading! Here are the characteristics of the new plan:

  • Readings are done only on weekdays, beginning January 2.
  • One chapter per day takes care of 260 total in the New Testament for all the weekdays of the year.
  • The readings are well distributed between larger and smaller books, since the plan does not follow the biblical order.
  • The four gospels are distributed throughout the year, giving space between them.
  • The plan leaves Saturdays and Sundays free to use for other readings, if one wishes, or to catch up on readings missed during the week.
  • For the more dedicated, this plan allows for other readings, such as the Old Testament during the year, so you can get in the whole Bible in a year. I’m following this Old Testament plan this year.
  • The plan is published on a single sheet of paper which facilitates its handling and use. You can fold it and carry it in your Bible.
  • The PDF format guarantees that the printing comes out right.
  • Though not possible with every book, the plan forms groups of books which start on Mondays and end on Fridays to better flow in the reading.

HERE’S THE PDF FILE: 2012-Bible-reading-plan-NT

The plan always comes out first in Portuguese (direct PDF link). If you use it, maybe the Portuguese will remind  you to pray for us, yes?

So join me in this reading plan for 2012, as we take the New Testament slowly and carefully, and rejoice in the revelation of God for man and in the knowledge of salvation in Jesus Christ. And, as an extra incentive, a lot of the devotionals I’ll be writing this year and translating into English will follow this reading plan.

In Brazil we’re encouraging this daily Bible reading plan for 2012 that covers only the New Testament. We want to be sure they get into the new covenant. For people who feel overwhelmed by the whole Bible, we’re paring down. Here, for a few, less might be more.

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