Five or six centuries before Christ, Heraclitus noted that “Gold prospectors dig up much earth to find little gold.” They do still. Man makes huge effort for so little. He spends his life in pursuit of little value. Would that he might find the precious Rock which is Christ, whose worth is eternal.

Have been going up to the office more this week, and today I stayed from 9 to 6. No Internet there, so you don’t hear much out of me when I’m there. I’ve experimented with the 1000 words per day goal. Have made it the last three days, today just over 1K. But there would be days I’d miss. Sundays will be hard. But it’s possible.

• Went out for a movie last night with The Missus and The Maiden. One mall had a kilometer-long line, so we went to another. We usually rent movies, but once in a blue moon we hit the theater. Continue reading

Erica Johnson asks, “If you were going to blog about one thing for an entire year, what would you choose?” It’s WordPress’s Project 365, to blog every day.

Let’s turn that into a spiritual Project 365: What would you choose to do every day for a whole year for spiritual benefit for yourself and others? Continue reading

The Church offers itself as the human space of fraternity in which every believer can and must experience that union among men and women and with God which is a gift from on high. The Acts of the Apostles is a splendid example of this dimension of the Church: there we find described a community of believers profoundly marked by fraternal union, by the sharing of material and spiritual goods, by kindness and sentiments (Acts 2, 42-48), to the point of being of “one heart and soul” (Acts 4, 32).

If every vocation in the Church is a gift to be lived for others, as a service of charity in freedom, then it is also a gift to be lived with others. Therefore it is discovered only living in fraternity. via New Vocations for a new Europe

I might tweak that quote by saying that it is God who offers the church as this human space, but obviously she offers herself if the Lord does. Sometimes we’re ready to live for others, but not with others. Our gifts can be employed only as we do both. So I agree with the sentiments expressed here, in spite of its source.

Some painter’s idea of a painting, mine of random directions

When I started blogging back in 2002, almost 10 years ago, I called my first weblog “Random Variables.” The adjective was an obvious play on my name, and the title served as a tip-off that no single theme would dominate. I like the title to this day, although math is not my field.

I saw a mention of Thomas Sowell’s occasional “Random Thoughts” for his weekly column (excellent, by the way) and was reminded of mine. Not that the two have much in common, with Sowell’s incisive, powerful content. Me, just buzzing along. Continue reading