One bad apple spoils the others. That’s why we soon separate it from the others to avoid more spoilage. The same principle applies in the church.

After a first and second warning, have nothing more to do with a person who causes conflict, because you know that someone like this is twisted and sinful—so they condemn themselves.
Titus 3:10-11 CEB Continue reading

ZealEver notice that fanaticism is a reprehensible quality in everything except soccer? The fan is always excited about his team, in times of victory or defeat. He never misses a game and wears the uniform everywhere.

He gave himself for us to set us free from every kind of lawlessness and to purify for himself a people who are truly his, who are eager to do good.
Titus 2:14 NET Continue reading

This is pure hubris from a west-coast collector who thinks California is the center of the world.

That dismissal has set collectors grumbling. Theo Holstein, a California collector and renovator of such machines, said he thinks the Gypsy is wasted in Virginia City and should be placed in a private collection for proper care. He said he is trying to gather investors to make a $3 million bid that would top Copperfield’s offer.

“They don’t have any idea what they have. It’s like they have the world’s best diamond and they just pulled it out of their mineshaft,” Holstein said. “It’s good that it’s there and it survived, but now it really needs to be part of the world.” via Rare find discovered amid town’s Old West kitsch – Yahoo! News.

Such language as this is not atypical of people on the east and west coast when they refer to “flyover” territory.

Here’s the first of five stanzas of a poem I whipped up tonight. Title, “Never Too Late.” Then I’ll explain why I sent it to the exclusive Cloudburst Syndicated Poetry list.

Today! tonight! this moment! now!
  You can reroute your fate;
To kill the pagan or sacred cow,
  It's never, it's never too late.

I got a notice a bit ago that the list had been inactive for three months, and if I didn’t use it over the next month, it would get deleted. So there. Continue reading

How do you feel when you receive a compliment completely exaggerated? I get really embarrassed, because everybody knows it’s not true, and besides, it’s probably an attempt to impress me.

Evil people do not understand justice,
but those who seek the LORD understand it all.
Proverbs 28:5 NET

We live in an age in which false humility wants to rob us of truth. It says we don’t have a corner on the market of truth. Nobody understands everything about the Bible. And there’s a dash of truth in this. Continue reading

This longish quote packed with truth is deserving of careful meditation. The commentary is based on 1 Timothy 6:20: “O Timothy, protect what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the profane chatter and absurdities of so-called ‘knowledge'” (NET).

Second, Paul’s language emphasizes continuity. Timothy was to carry on with a mission given by Christ to the apostles much earlier (compare 1 Cor 15:1-3; 2 Tim 2:2). The gospel ministry is a single (though multifaceted) task with a single message, which is to be transmitted through the generations by servants whom God chooses (2 Tim 2:2).

Third, this task is a sacred one, as Paul’s choice of “deposit” terminology confirms. God has planned that the evangelistic mission be executed by the proclamation of the gospel. The mission depends on the gospel message. Consequently, God’s servants in each generation must guard it–that is, faithfully proclaim and protect it. The threat to the message and the church’s mission posed by the false teachers in Ephesus was Paul’s main reason for writing.

via 1 Timothy 6 Commentary – Final Charge to Timothy – BibleGateway.com.


When a product is pure, unadulterated, it produces the results for which it was created. Without fillers, its effect is more powerful. Purity means potency, value, and consistency.

The LORD’s words are absolutely reliable.
They are as untainted as silver purified in a furnace on the ground,
where it is thoroughly refined.
Psalm 12:6 NET Continue reading

ForgivenessWhen someone abandons us, we feel betrayed or rejected. Generally, we decide to cut relations with the person, considering him unworthy of confidence. But there is another option.

At my first defense no one appeared in my support; instead they all deserted me – may they not be held accountable for it.
2 Timothy 4:16 NET Continue reading