1. Ron Thomas

    A great article and to the point. Hopefully, it will help others to avioid metaphysical religions that have their origin entirely in the thoughts processes of man. Good job!


  2. Thanks for a thought provoking article. Since the days of Star Wars, people have had a quirky idea of what God is like.

    The only way to know what God is truly like is to look at Jesus (John 1:18; 14:6-9). Jesus reveals the nature of God to us.

  3. John

    Great work, Bro. Randal. What Ron and Phil said.

  4. Mike Carter

    I love the sentence “In Eve, the desire to be like God bore the fruit of disobedience.”

    This is a great article. Just for my own curiosity,
    if someone were to bring up Psalm 82:7 and John 10:34 and saying that this is calling Man god how would you explain these passages to them?


  5. Great article, Randal. Great summation:

    “Pantheism fails in the first chapter of Genesis…when God spoke into existence what is not God.”

    Excellent. Thank you.

  6. John T. Polk II

    Erudite response and well-done. To make man “in our image” means that mankind is not God but like God in some ways. The Devil’s work was to expand upon that bit of information to Eve that God held out what she needed to become as “gods.” Sin was (and still is!) the result. The rest of the Bible (and history!) illustrates the damage of that false notion.
    Since the Bible opens with the “cause and effect” argument (Genesis 1:1; Hebrews 3:4; 11:3), and since no human has ever “created” anything from nothing, then it is patently obvious that no human is God. Case closed.

  7. Tiffany

    In all my travels and dealings with people of various faiths, belief systems and religions, what I have most respect for is someone who can recognise the answers we all seek do not come from inward research (we will make mistakes), nor from following other humans (who also make mistakes) but from a higher power. Clearly, the answers we seek to life must come from a source other than Man. And if higher than us, this power must be other worldly, since nothing on this planet offers higher intelligence (mind), higher abilities (body) or higher spirituality (soul) than Man. Some may challenge Man’s body, and for that reason many across the globe still revere or worship certain animals for their power or strength, e.g., tigers or lions. These animals may be far stronger than man in some circumstances, but we are not their food source. Nothing on the planet has Man as its prime food source (proof enough that Man is Steward of all GOD’s creation). Mankind is truly above all things in this Earth.
    In this, GOD has made Man in HIS image. But never confuse the photo with the real thing; that misses an entire dimension.
    GOD bless.

  8. Chuck Palmer

    I enjoyed the article Randy. Well said.


    1. Thanks for your kind comments on this article. Perhaps it will help one or two people to identify better the teachings underlying such appeals.


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