Here’s the headline: “Ohio woman celebrates lottery win, then killed by car.” And here are the details of the story.

She wins $8000, celebrates in a bar, drinks, then leaves on foot, and is struck by a car. Not enough details to know if she stumbled, walked in front of the car, no knowing what happened. But it does make one wonder. Continue reading

* A couple of people (maybe more, that I don’t know about) have railed at the BNc story about the debate on doing benevolence from the church treasury. Along the lines of how it’s such a waste of time. Ironic that they spend time venting about this waste of time. Now, I probably wouldn’t spend time debating that topic. But if there are those who want to limit the good works a church may do, perhaps it’s not such a bad thing to discuss that question. Continue reading

Nine-forty p.m. here. Time to let down the hair, all quarter-inch of it. On the way back from Taubate, I treated Vicki to a snack, and she chose BK. We’ve not eaten out in over a week, she’s done great having something fixed at home since before Leila went to camp.

That’s excepting Tuesday night, when we a Subway sandwich at the Center Vale Mall with Jorge, Paula, Daniel and Jose Roberto, and Daniel insisted on paying (I think his mom or dad put him up to it). Continue reading

At times, news of the ills and evils of the world seem overwhelming. Disasters bring such a wave of images, a swelling of compassion and a desire to make right what is wrong. But all the efforts of all humankind can never set things right, for evil grows daily.

The four stanzas of this poem tackle this frustration and swing the reader to the real and permanent good that may be done.

Blank verse is not a form you’ll see often in these parts (free verse, never!). But it seems to fit the substance of the thought. I hope you like it. Continue reading

* As I geared up this morning, I was thinking that Ron Thomas would soon be posting his practical outlines for our daily Bible reading. But wait! It’s Saturday, no outline today. Rats!

* Has been a week since Daughter went to Christian camp. Will be another week before she comes back. Do miss her. She finishes up her first monitoring this week for ages 11-13, becomes a camper the next, in the age bracket for 14-17 year-olds.

* Workers have been inside the house since Thursday, moving a built-in closet from one bedroom to another and painting, among other odd jobs. And I’ve been working at home, one, because of no Internet at the office; two, to be here with the wife while there are guys in the house. I’ve enjoyed being at home, but am about ready to make the transition back to my study. Sitting on the living room couch to work gets old. Continue reading

If you didn’t know what a terza rima was, today’s Cloudburst poem was an introduction, as we took to, for us, a new form. I hope we’ve done it justice, since it has royal antecedents.

The writing today was done at home amidst workers taking bedrooms apart and painting, coming through and around the living room.

The poem needs little explanation, methinks. As usual, the last line is the clincher, but each line touts its own moral lesson.

This year, I’ll probably do some major reshuffling on my writing lists, unless some growth takes place. But I do so hate to kill off stuff. Mercy may require taking the knife in hand, in order to avoid playing the fool and getting slapped (poem reference there).