I made it yesterday morning to the USA, landing in DFW via Atlanta (Delta). Flights were pretty good, I had a seat empty next to me, so rested more than usual during the night. I apparently miscommunicated about my arrival, and there was no one to meet me. But I had set up to rent a car, so I rode the bus to the rental center and got the car, then made my way to the Lewisville church building. They’ve put me up in a hotel until my meeting Sunday afternoon with the missions committee. I’m using the Internet at the hotel at their pc station. Continue reading

A Protestant pastor announced he prays for Obama’s death and encouraged his congregation to follow his lead. I don’t think we read the same Bible. Here’s my response to that.

by J. Randal Matheny

Who are we to pray for another’s death,
When God it is who gives us life and breath? Continue reading

Vicki took me to the swimming school for the 8 a.m. class this morning so I could make up for the two classes I missed this week. Except that that period got canceled last week, and since I didn’t check ahead of time, found out upon arrival. Good thing that the pool guy also didn’t hear about it, since he was there and opened up for me. Called the owner and found out, but the owner said I could swim if I wanted. (That would not happen in the U.S.!) So for about 45 minutes I swam with almost no stops, not bothering to count my laps. Continue reading

With the last lesson of algebra, Leila finished her 10th grade work today and gets a short break before her 11th grade homeschool materials come in the mail.

We celebrated tonight — good reason for Vicki, who’s not feeling 100% — by going to the new BK here in town, in the biggest mall here, ValeSul Shopping. Vicki went to a salad place instead, but Leila and I splurged on a BK Jr. Continue reading

Today’s devotional is adapted from the Portuguese-language “God with Us.”

“Here now is the man who did not make God his stronghold but trusted in his great wealth and grew strong by destroying others!”
Psalm 52:7 NIV

The root behind the word “destroy” means “to fall.” It indicates calamity or wickedness, perhaps making others fall. Continue reading

This Cloudburst poem draws directly from the NRSV rendering of Psalm 105:16-22, about one of the major Bible characters in the book of Genesis. I was reading this psalm the other day in that version, a bit unusual for me, but the poem began to fall in place as I felt a rhythm in the reading.

Here’s the first of three stanzas: Continue reading

brazil-mapA BZM report on visits, illness, travels, rains, generosity and devotional podcasting.

A couple of weeks ago we got a phone call from a sister in Christ from the northeast. Leda participates with the church in Bonoco, in the city of Salvador. She was here in SJCampos to visit friends before going on to Rio de Janeiro for a business conference. She took out time to go with us to a Mexican restaurant here. The waiter took a photo of all of us, which I posted on our Christian social network HERE. Continue reading